Heartcrafted Chocolate Barks

Red Hat Cacao chocolates barks are handcrafted with love. I use pure tablea from the Philippines. My chocolate farm is young and I don’t have cacao produce yet so I source out from small cacao farmers in the Southern part of the country for my tablea.


IMG_6708.jpgI only use a few ingredients in making the chocolate barks – nuts, dried fruits, very little sugar, cocoa butter and allspice; and I make sure I have the ff:

  1. Positive mood – I wont make chocolates when I’m tired, sick or stressed out. This is not something I do to feel good. I make chocolates because I feel good and I want those who will sample my chocolates to feel the same. I usually listen to instrumental music or Mindvalley podcast while making my barks.
  2. Mise en place – ingredients are tasted and measured; mixing bowls, tools and equipment are set out before I start making chocolates. This leaves enough room for me to enjoy the process and make creative adjustments as needed. No wasted time and energy on looking for the missing measuring cup while the chocolates are melting…
  3. Positive thoughts and prayers – Really! I pray for the people who will eat my barks so that they may experience one of the…
  4. Different shades of happy – quiet happy, joy, surprise, contentment, excitement, fulfillment…this is happiness you can eat!


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